…Hello Past.

How are you? Or should that be, how have you been? We haven’t talked much lately, and that surprises me. We usually spend so much time together, reminiscing over times long gone. But you haven’t been around lately. Maybe it is my fault. I’ve been spending a lot more time with Future.

Do you remember all the times we spent together past? Those were the days… those memories we just couldn’t get rid of. I have a confession to make. I think… I think it’s time we went out separate ways.

I’m sorry Past. We’ve had some great times together. I remember all those amazing memories we’ve shared. But lately, all we seem to do is talk about the depressing times. The regrets. And there have been many regrets.

I am honestly surprised how easy it was to make the change from you to Future. Am am also surprised how much you seem to effect my view of Future. It seems as though you two are linked. When we have had a bad day, Future tends to be in a bad mood. When we have a great day Future also tends to be joyful. But I cannot live with this inconsistency. 

I won’t forget our great times together Past but… I think it is time for me to leave you behind… where you belong. I know it sounds cruel, but I can’t let you drag me down anymore. I won’t forget our good times. But I can’t dwell on what we could have been anymore.

Goodbye Past.


…Hello Future.

I know we have only just started talking, but I feel that I really need to say this to you. Ever since Past has started drifting away from me, you have started coming to me. At first, everything was going great. You would show me wonderful images of what our life could be like together. And I admit, you had my hooked. I wanted more. I couldn’t get enough of you .

But Future, we are moving too fast. We have only just met. I know we will meet again soon… but not know. There is still some time between us. I know I cannot run away from you, and I am not trying to. I just want to savor the moments before we meet for a final time.

Right now, you are too much for me to handle Future. I can never tell if you will be in a good mood or bad the next time we talk. And it’s killing me. When you are happy, we have the most amazing moments together, and it looks like our lives will be perfect. But Future, I don’t know if you realize this, but when you are sad, you drag me down too.

Our blissful existence becomes painful and unbearable, and every time I have to somehow find the strength to resist you, and walk away. This cannot continue Future… you hurt me too much.

I know that I should not see Past again. Just like I know I should see you anymore. But we both know I am not that strong… and that one day I will come back into your arms. And I ask you Future, please be kind to me. Don’t allow my weakness to destroy us.

It’s time to leave you now Future. Just as I have left Past. It is time for me to find the middle ground.

Goodbye Future.


…Hello Present.