Because that’s how I feel right now. I can’t really explain how, or why… it’s very strange.

I had a good weekend. A double 18th last night, and spent most of today doing… nothing. Perfect. Just the way I like it. Now I’m sitting here writing this, while I SHOULD be studying for tomorrow’s spec sac… except that I really couldn’t care about it any less. I mean, does it matter if I end up failing? Yeah it probably does… but I don’t care. And I know I’m not going to do anything about it too.

See, there is something I know I am definitely not; responsible. I mean sure, when I need to, I can be. Alright… that didn’t really make any sense at all. Let me try again.Using examples… at last nights party I had to take care of a few people. You know how it is; your friend has had a bit too much, so you sit them down in the corner and distract them with shiny things. I was actually quite proud of myself for doing this.

Then there is the other type of responsible. The type that should have made me do my homework, or something like that. You know, the kind that stops be being lazy and just generally procrastinate for two days straight. I guess I have to cut down on the amount of shiny objects in my room.

Meh. Oh well. I can’t even be bothered finishing this.